O-ring grease Silicone grease according to KTW
Non-return valve 1/2" chrome-plated brass
Reducer 3/4" IT x 1/2" ET chrome-plated brass
Wall stud, chrome-plated metal matches the joint
Kitchen dish rinser high pressure mocca, 2 settings, with BFP
Chromo-Flex plastic shower hose 125cm, red (RAL 3003) twist-proof
Schell self-closing pillar tap PETIT SC - 6-15 sec., vandal protected 021220699
KLUDI control unit Ø 35 mm 7560500-00 756050000
Agraff shower hose 150 cm chrome-plated metal
Kitchen dish rinser low pressure mocca, 2 settings
Chromo-Flex plastic shower hose 125cm, yellow (RAL 1004), no
Chromo-Flex plastic shower hose 160cm, yellow (RAL 1004) twist-proof