Ceramic fibre mat
Alum. adhesive tape 50 mm wide roll length -40 up to 80°
Deflector plate f. combustion chambers KFT: 1250°C, KFT: 1250°C, 200x400x20mm
FIRE-CEM-ADHESIVE, up to 1500 °C type FCA1500/310
Sealing cord 6 mm, 10 metres, to 750 °C, ceramic fibre
Glass-fibre tape 550°C 10 x 3 mm 10 m
Ceramic fibre wool, 1 kg per bag
FCA1500/150SP fibre adhesive and filling compound, 150 ml
Flue pipe cleaning flap seals 10 pcs, 175 x 163 mm
Glow tube Fire-Form GR18/3 set
Ceramic fibre plate FIRE-BOARD 500 x 400 x 25 mm, up to 1260°C
Glass-fibre pack 550°C, 6 mm, 10 m