Plug, 1/2", self-sealing, nickel-plated
Watts Radiator reducer ½" x 3/8" standard design nickel-plated 10001473
Watts Radiator vent valve ¼" with rotating nose self-sealing 10001504
Eurocone nipple 1/2", self-sealing, with O-ring, messing bright
Eurocone for 10 mm copper 2 pieces
Radiator air vent key
Simplex E1/50 X-crossing angle form with shut-off F10077
Aluminium compression fitting 14 x 2.0 for multi-layer compound pipes, 2 pieces
Simplex bi-tube valve block E1/50, elbow F10013
Reduction plug 1" x 3/4", self-sealing, nickel-plated