Adolf Schmidt Wuppertal

Shower curtain ring, white plastic for rails up to Ø 30 mm
Wall connection elbow 90°, brass, chrome plated, with screw joint
Overhead shower Quad II 300x300 mm polished stainless steel
Towel basket 260 x 150 x 190 mm chrome-plated brass
2-ear clamps, stainless steel, W4 width 20-23 mm
Screw-type pipe clamp, without inlay M 8/10 x 89 - 91 mm (3")
Tube siphon 1 1/4" PLUS, gold-plated 1 1/4" x 32 mm with rosette 80 mm
Tongs for urinal strainer stainless steel
Wall swivel mixer, chrome plated brass opto-electronic, 6 V battery
Threaded sleeves, zinc-coated (PU 100) M 8 x 20 mm
Draw-off tap 1/2" polished chrome pipe aerator, backflow preventer, sleeve
Head part with three-cornered handle red ½" with sleeve and rosette, chrome