Diermayer flue gas damper HOS 90 thermally-controlled

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Thermal flue gas dampers are largely maintenance-free and operate fully automatically, while being regularly checked by the chimney sweep. Exploiting their close proximity to the heating appliance, the dampers, which are mounted on non-hinged bearings, open via a bimetal mechanism as soon as they are hit by a hot current of air. Due to the particular bearing, these dampers are low-maintenance and operate reliably for many years. Thermal flue gas dampers are used with atmospheric gas-fired appliances as they operate automatically without auxiliary energy. This cost-effective and simple design exclusively applies to gas-fired appliances. Thermal flue gas dampers respond to the prevailing operating state of the burner according to the heat generated, shortly after the burners switch off, the damper closes and prevents energy losses. When the temperature reaches 40°C, the flue gas damper already starts to open and therefore quickly responds to the combustion heating appliance starting up. Due to the temperature-dependent mechanism, the opening and closing of the damper is closely linked to the burner switching  on and off.They are particularly suitable for small devices like space heaters, direct gas-fired storage boilers and heating inserts.Advantages of thermal flue gas dampers>
- opening starts from approx. 40°C flue gas temperature at the installation
- completely opened at 70° or 90°C
- energy savings up to 4,000 kWh per year and more
- flow resistance < 2 Pa
- plated with stainless steel on both sides
- housing made of stainless steel with integrated shut-off elements and
  at least two independently operating controllers consisting of
  thermo-bimetallic strips
- reduction of stand-still losses
- prevents the loss of heated room air
- prevents the loss of heat stored in the stove
- improvement of building energy balance
- prevents flue gas backflow
- with flue gas monitoring device
- power-regulated with/without pilot flame (electronic)
- protection of the environment by decreasing emissions
- reduction of fuel consumption
- very short payback periods
- long service life thanks to robust design
- not susceptible to contamination
- maintenance-free (test carried out by chimney sweep)
- independently-operating dampers
- corrosion-resistant
- with CE registration number

Application: für Kleingeräte
Model: thermisch gesteuert
Size: 90 x 90 mm
Length: 90 mm
Rated width: 90 mm Ø
Product weight: 0,27 Kg